If you are interested in wine tastings and Budapest nightlife, but are NOT interested in sitting around in a vineyard outside of the city, or in a tourist trap restaurant charging exorbitant fees for subpar drinks, then we have the perfect solution for you: the AllNightCrash wine tasting tour! Organised in the same way a Budapest pub crawl is, this revolutionary kind of wine tasting will bring the best the country has to offer, nut with a twist. You will get to have short walks with a wine aficionado, who will take you from one quality establishment to the next, where the focus will be a few bites to eat, and fine wine, along with all of the information you may need about the wine you are drinking, like what altitude, what region it is grown in, what kind of foods it goes with, what kind of grapes are used, and what other similar wines may exist.

We will go to 3 different establishments that serve fine food and great wine, some of them being more like libraries for wine, while some of them are bars with a focus on wine. You will get to try wines from different regions in Hungary (Hungary is a wine producing country, and has been for centuries), and see how they compare to each other and international wines.